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Think Outside the Box - Sometimes items can used in a different way.

This small curio cabinet belonged to a client's Mother & she wanted to keep it. As she regularly
had her nails manicured & enjoyed doing her nails, Marnie suggested using it
to store her nail polish. 
She now has a unique &
fun way to view her nail polish and thinks of her  Mom every time she uses the cabinet.
Use bread bag tabs
to hold the end of a roll of tape.  An easy, FREE DIY that really works!
Organizing Makes Life Easier

Do it Yourself
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Computer & Camera cords - Make-up bags are fantastic carry cases for all the cords & accessories to your laptop, ipod or camera. (Most homes with a female have an extra make-up bag or two around, or you can pick them up at your local dollar store.)
Sort out your cords and label the case - so simple.
Your camera charger, computer cords & speaker cables will be easy to access and you will always know where to find them.
This is a wonderful way of keeping of all the electronic cords for your home organized.  For travel, store two small bags in a larger bag (see picture) for easy access in & out of your computer bag.
Savvy Space Solutions Helps Keep You Organized
Repurpose a Chocolate Box and liner for an easy, free organizer for earrings & rings, beads, or screws, nuts and tack nails in the workshop.
Organized In
Case of Emergency
ICE - Organized in Case of Emergency
ICE is a program that helps first responders such as paramedics, firefighters & police to identify victims and their emergency contacts with cell phones.
How to use ICE:  Simply enter ICE in your cell phone numbers before the name of the person you wish first responders to contact.
Use ICE1, ICE2, ICE3 for more than one entry.
Apps are also available.  See link above for example
Using ICE can help emergency personnel get the information they need quickly & easily - saving time and possibly a life.
It takes just a few seconds ..... do it today.

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