Savvy Space Solutions is blessed with amazing clients & we’re grateful they allow us into their homes & share their lives with us.

We’ve worked with clients on jobs that have ranged in size from editing, rearranging & organizing business storerooms &
warehouses to jobs organizing residential homes, closets and bookshelves, even freezers.

What My Happy Clients Say

“This note barely states how grateful I am for the careful, considerate and hugely wonderful service you provided in my home. I cannot tell you enough how much you have helped me to settle into my new homespace, I was truly new and refreshed going to sleep in my bed.”

F.H. - Kitsilano, residential client
Organised Office Supplies

“Thank you for your help and tips. All I needed was a little push from a supportive pro like yourself”
K.D. – Vancouver

K.D. - Vancouver, residential client

“I felt a huge sense of accomplishment after our session. Partly, it was just making a start, but also having you, with your knowledge on disposal options, ways to attack the chaos, and having that plan to keep moving forward, even if it is in small chunks! Very happy to have you as my Clutter Coach!”

A.V. - Port Coquitlam, residential client

“Thank you for sharing your expertise with us. I admire your talent and smarts when it comes to organizing space, files and life in general”

S.A. - Coquitlam, Workshop Presentation Client

“Thank you thank you Marnie. This is fantastic and well beyond my expectations.

I’m very impressed with your comprehensive approach & creative practical solutions tailored specifically for my needs and space. I appreciate your detailed research, reference links and the sample photos you provided.

You’ve actually helped me get excited about undertaking a process I’ve had on my To Do list for years.”

E.L. - Vancouver, residential client
School Donations - 1

“WOW!! Thank you for all of this Marnie! Loved the ideas. This is awesome.
Thanks as well for taking the time to come, help & listen.”

S.G. - Coquitlam, residential client