Savvy Space Solutions works with you making organizing your life easy & yes, even fun!



online Coaching

Virtual coaching sessions based on your needs: decluttering, organization, filing systems 


In-Home Appointments

Make the most of the space you have. Many people think they need a new home or larger space when they really need to utilize the space they have in a more efficient way. 


Small Office/Home Business

Whether we work in your home, home office, or small business, Savvy Space Solutions can help you organize supplies, streamline tasks, projects, & everyday duties to save you money & let you enjoy life more.


Clutter Control - Now & in the Future

Learn how to keep clutter from accumulating, keeping your home – or business – running smoothly.


Space Planning

Savvy Space Solutions takes into account your space, family, lifestyle, jobs & recreational activities to create the environment that you’ll love to come home to.




Metro Vancouver Professional Organizer Marnie Kurylo speaks on decluttering, downsizing, moving, space planning, and the basics of organization. Offering education along with techniques anyone can use to reduce clutter & get better organized in their homes or business.

Our workshops & presentations are designed to be informative & fun.

Many people have questions about organizing but don’t know where to turn or who to ask. A workshop is a wonderful opportunity to learn about organizing, decluttering and downsizing, and answer your questions in a relaxed no pressure atmosphere.

Workshops and Presentations are structured to fit your time schedule & needs:

  • TED style 18-minute keynote
  • hour long Lunch & Learns
  • half-day seminars
  • personalized in-home group instruction
Marnie Kurylo speaks on organizing your space

What to expect when working with Savvy Space Solutions

* Initial consultation: we talk through your project and goals together, discussing what works & what doesn’t for your lifestyle and space
* Appointments in blocks of 3 hours: you receive a step-by-step plan of action as well as before & after photos of your project
* Personal one-on-one sessions: guiding you towards organizing solutions to fit your space & lifestyle
* Reviews of appointments and ideas discussed: many ideas & suggestions flow during sessions, this is your reference to return to again and again.
* We work within your budget and time frame.